I made the figure (WMAP) of the temperature fluctuation of the space background radiation a globe

In current big bang theory, I showed an image of the space microwave background (CMB) indicating the state just after that three-dimensionally in a spherical surface. Briefly, I tried a thing same as making a world map a terrestrial globe.


Grounds said to that the space becomes 5% of materials (a star and the Milky Way) from 26% of dark matter, dark energy of 72% hand over to other books. As there was a terrestrial globe (product made in plastic) of 30cm in diameter that the surface was torn,I arrived at the site that could download a thing of the Mercator projection of WMAP on the page called site and lambda of NASA which converted a map of the original spur cylindrical projection into a “form of the ship” of the terrestrial globe when I looked for it on the Internet.,With an inkjet printer of the poster size, I added size, and I settled this for about half a day. As even a home printer is done if it is around 10cm in diameter, how about trying it? The pictorial image”Form of the ship” → From this 

It is not enacted when it becomes 30cm in diameter when I do not print it out to A1 size。